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Our Terms of Business


Payment is required in full on the day of arrival. If your pet needs to go to the vets for any reason while it is in our care then the vet bill will need to be paid by you when you collect your pet. Any other charges such as if you need to leave your pet with us for longer than stated in the agreement then the extra cost will need to be paid on the day of collection. We will accept cash payments only.


We will not accept animals that are ill, have skin diseases or are contagious in any way. Rabbits need to be vaccinated from VHD and myxmotosis. If your pet happens to fall ill when in our care then it shall be taken to your vet and will be treated under your name and address that you have given us.

Arrival and Collection

You will need to contact us by phone to arrange a time and date when you are dropping off your pet so that we know when to expect you. If you do not drop off your pet by this time and date then we will presume that you no longer want the place and it will go to someone else. We ask you to let us know the time and date you are collecting your pet so that it is ready for you when you arrive.


We cannot accept responsibility if your pet becomes ill or injured in our care and will not accept any responsibility if you or any person are injured on our premises. In the unlikely event that your pet passes away while in our care we will contact you immediately and will deal with it in the way you wish. We accept no liabilities if your pet should pass away in our care.

Summary of our insurance cover

Regulations and Licensing

There are currently no regulations or licensing for small animal boardings as of yet and

so you leave your animal with us at your own risk.